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Best Natural Stone Tiles for Denver Pool Decks

June 8, 2016

When it comes to natural stone pool decks, there are many different options to choose from. Many different natural stone materials will help you determine which type of tile is most conducive for your home. If you are interested in having a pool deck installed, you should learn about the best stone tiles for Denver pool decks.


The best natural stone companies can provide slate tiles for pool decks. Slate tiles can come in a flagstone form that radiates a striking appearance and that is especially appropriate for outdoor pool decks. For instance, the irregular rocky shapes and random alignments of the slate flagstone tiles can adorn your pool deck with a natural beauty and an earthy atmosphere. The slip-resistant quality of the slate tiles is especially beneficial for pool decks. Other stones that are not as water-resistant can render people vulnerable to slip and fall while maneuvering around the wet pool area. However, slate has a very low water-absorption rate. The surface of slate can provide adequate friction even in wet areas, avoid becoming slippery as water splashes around, and protect your friends and family from slipping or falling on the deck.     


Travertine is also a premier stone tile for Denver pool decks.
Travertine has a very light, clean, and elegant appearance that makes it a popular choice for pool areas. The primary advantage of utilizing travertine in your pool deck is that the tiles are highly heat-resistant. This is especially important in Colorado, where the strong sun and hot temperatures can scorch the ground with intense heat during the summer. Deck materials that absorb heat can facilitate problems, for the tiles can burn your feet while walking and make it hard to lie on the tiles while relaxing. In contrast, the light shades and heat-resistant material of travertine can enable the tiles to deflect the heat and instead remain cool. The ability to remain cool can then enable you to walk or lay on the tiles comfortably even during the hottest days of summer.


ou can also have the top Denver natural stone companies provide limestone tiles for your pool deck. Limestone is a common choice because of the versatile design options from which you can choose. Limestone tiles come in a diverse variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. The extensive list of options should allow you to easily find the particular limestone tile that can most effectively match and complement the other features of your yard. Limestone is also optimal for pool decks because it is one of the most durable tiles available. The dense surface and low porosity level can prevent the limestone tiles from incurring any damages. For instance, the limestone tiles can hold heavy furniture or barbecue equipment, withstand extreme weather, and sustain frequent foot traffic without become cracked or dislodged. The durability and longevity of limestone is very cost-effective, for the pool deck should maintain its quality and beauty for an extensive period of time without you needing to repair or replace the tiles.

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