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Pros and Cons of Denver Marble Floors

June 15, 2016

Remodeling your home and installing tile floors can be a fun way to change your home to suit your needs. You can choose from various natural stone materials when designing your ideal floor. Many homeowners consider marble as the premier stone for floor tiles due to the aesthetic benefits of the material. If you are interested in fulfilling a remodeling project, you should learn about the pros and cons of installing Denver marble floors in your home.


The top Denver natural stone companies provide marble tiles that display a remarkably beautiful appearance. Marble is often revered as a prestigious floor tile because the attractive appearance surpasses most other types of stone tiles. For instance, the powerful colors and designs of marble can enrich your home with an elegant and luxurious beauty. Marble is also highly versatile. You can choose from diverse options regarding the size, color, and vein design pattern of the marble slabs. The extensive list of options should enable you to find a marble style that is conducive for your aesthetic desires and designing needs. Additionally, the high-quality material and gorgeous appearance of marble tile floors can be cost-effective by increasing the value of your home.

Polishing is another benefit of Denver marble floors. Marble can be polished. This distinction separates marble from other floor tile options. Most natural stone floor tiles cannot maintain polish, for the polish immediately diminishes and fades from the frequent foot traffic. In contrast, the marble surface can display a high level of polish and sustain the polish for extensive periods of time without fading. This can then enable your marble floor to reflect light and to radiate with a brilliant luster. As a result, the glossy shine of the tiles can enhance the spacious, lively, and comfortable atmosphere of your home.


A potential disadvantage of Denver marble floors is that the tiles can be slippery when wet. The smooth surface and high polish of marble reduces the coefficient friction level of the tiles. The slippery surface can facilitate safety hazards by rendering your family vulnerable to slip and fall while walking barefooted over wet areas or liquid spills. However, floor mats can relieve this problem. Placing floor mats in optimal locations around kitchen sink or bathroom areas can provide adequate friction, absorb any wetness, and prevent your family from slipping.

Marble floors can be relatively difficult to maintain. Because stone tiles are generally more porous than other options, the high porosity level can cause the tiles to trap liquid stains, display dirt smudges, or harbor bacteria. As a result, you should clean the floors immediately after any spills occur to preserve the pristine glow of the tiles. The high porosity level of marble can also cause the surface of the tiles to become scratched, cracked, or dented from moving large furniture or dropping heavy objects. However, the top Denver natural stone companies can provide sealing services to protect the quality of your marble tiles. The experts can apply effective sealant products that cover the surface of the tiles and that prevent your floors from trapping stains or incurring scratches.

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