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Benefits of Choosing Denver Prefabricated Granite Slabs for Your Home Remodel

June 22, 2016

Denver prefabricated granite slabs are perfect for a variety of areas in your home remodel, from bathroom and kitchens countertops to bar tops and vanities. Also available in marble, travertine and quartz, you have an array of options for your renovation. When should you choose a prefabricated slab?
  1. What are Prefabricated Slabs? These types of counters come precut with finished edges. From there it is shipped to local stone companies. They are available in a variety of sizes making it easier for those renovating their home to find the size they need for the space. Two of the top sizes to purchase these slabs are 100 inches by 26 inches or 112 inches by 26 inches. They also have an inch and a half bullnose.
  2. Prefabricated vs. Full Slab: Full slabs of granite come in large sizes, so homeowners that would like to use the same rock consistent throughout the home. From there, a fabricator can cut the slab to fit the space. Prefabricated slabs are great when the same size is needed for multiple applications, or when you know the exact size. Choosing this option tends to be a more cost effective solution for your budget because time has been cut out for work to finalize the edges.
  3. Benefits of Granite: Granite is a molten rock, which explains the swirls and designs. Choosing this options for your counters is an excellent way to increase the value of your home. According to Do it Yourself, it can make you up to three times your investment. They are also very durable though and can handle the heavy use and abuse a kitchen brings. Plus, one of the go-to options for customers is to seal the granite. This will cover any pores so liquids will not seep in and stain the granite.
  4. Colors: A great benefit of Denver prefabricated granite slabs are the variety of colors you can find them in to match your home’s décor, or create the environment you want. Earth tones and natural shades of browns, greens and grays are great for traditional or contemporary environments. Other styles are available with bold designs or colors, such as blues or whites, to really make a statement in the environment you are putting it in. Lighter colors are great for creating a clean and simplistic environment. It is best to invest in sealing the granite, especially for the lighter colors to ensure they maintain their great quality do not stain easily.
  5. Other Prefabricated Styles: Prefabricated countertops are not just available in granite; you can also purchase them in marble, travertine and quartz too. So depending on the counter style of your choice, you can choose a prefabricated option that works within your home renovation budget.

If you are trying to decide which countertop option is best for your home remodel, we can help! Natural Stone Sales is your premier company and we have a wide variety of prefabricated granite slabs to work within your budget and add value to your home. Give us a call at 303-777-7485 to get started.