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Denver Moldings to Enliven Your Home

July 13, 2016

A simple way to add character and charm to your home is to install decorative trim, known as moldings, around the walls, flooring, or ceilings. Molding is an enhancing strip of material that is commonly used to cover transitions between surfaces and corners, making the entire space more of a cohesive statement. While Denver moldings can be made from many different materials, stone is perhaps the best option, due to its smooth, elegant appearance. Your local natural stone wholesaler can help you choose from dozens of styles and products to create a unique touch that matches the aesthetic of your home.

Styles of Moldings

There are several basic styles of molding, differentiated based on where they are placed in your home. All moldings are ornamental, adding embellishment to your home, although some do serve other functions as well.

Casing moldings cover the gap between unfinished walls, doors, and window frames, and are generally a couple of inches thick at most. Baseboard moldings are at floor level, at the transition point where the walls meet the flooring, and are 3-to-5 inches thick. Crown moldings are placed where the walls meet the ceiling and encapsulate a wide range of decorative options. Chair moldings protect walls from damage by furniture, or to break up a wall that has two kinds of coverings, such as paint and wallpaper. Picture rail moldings are a throw-back to the Victorian era, allowing you to hang picture and art frames without having to make holes in the walls with nails; they are placed several inches down from the ceiling. Batten moldings are also called board-and-batten, used to cover the join between panels. Cove moldings are very basic, curved trim that can be used on ceilings or on stairs.

Pencil and cane moldings vary in thickness and function as borders or accents to a room. Rope and bead trim are designs that can be paired with other moldings, such as crown or chair railing. Other trim designs include leaves, darts, and spindles. Any of these moldings will add polish and personality to your home; visit a local product showroom for inspiration, ideas, and advice.

Moldings Materials

Moldings are a wonderfully flexible design element; besides the array of styles to choose from, they can be made from many different products. Traditionally, decorative trim was made with plaster, milled wood, and cement. Although wood is still a solid choice, natural stone is the most popular molding material these days, as it is of higher quality and durability.

Marble, travertine, granite, slate, and limestone are all tasteful options, and you can select the color and thickness of the stone. Some variation in color is natural and adds character to your trim. Carving and shaping stone highlights the inherent elements such as fissures and veins, so it’s important to choose a wholesaler with experience.

Learn more about your Denver moldings options at Natural Stone Sales, your premier choice for quality stone elements in your home. We will help you add the ideal small touches that make your home unique. Take a look at our options for moldings and give us a call at 303-777-7485 to get started on your next project.