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Best Natural Stones for Denver Kitchen Countertops

July 20, 2016

Having a natural stone countertop installed can improve the quality of your kitchen, enhance the appearance of your home, and increase the value of your property. However, there are many natural stone materials from which you can choose. If you are interested in having a countertop installed, you should learn about the best materials for Denver kitchen countertops.  

The best natural stone companies can provide you with a granite countertop. Many advantages make granite a premier choice among homeowners. The beauty and versatility of granite is especially beneficial. For instance, granite offers more design options than almost any other type of stone. Granite comes in a diverse range of different colors, hues, streak designs, and spot patterns. Your stone experts can show you an extensive list of options, elaborate on the differences between each option, and then enable you to determine which particular granite style would most effectively complement the other features of your kitchen. However, granite is a relatively porous stone. The high porosity level renders the countertop succeptible to trap liquid stains, harbor bacteria, or become scratched or dented. As a result, you should have your granite countertop sealed periodically to protect the surface from incurring damages.


You can also use quartz natural stone for your Denver kitchen countertop. Quartz refers to engineered stones, and the manufacturing process enables experts to add resins and pigments to a base that is approximately 95 percent natural stone. The engineering process makes the quartz slabs exceptionally durable. The low porosity level or lack of open pores helps the surface of quartz countertops protect against damages. For instance, the material is highly water-resistant and should not trap liquid stains. The durability also enables the surface of quartz to withstand frequent use and heavy blows without becoming scratched, chipped, or cracked. This is beneficial because the surface is easy to maintain, does not need to be sealed, and should not incur stains or damages while you prepare meals and maneuver around the kitchen.  

The top natural stone companies can provide marble slabs for your countertop. Marble is especially revered due to the gorgeous appearance of the slabs. The marble slabs often feature strong colors, a thick surface, and dramatic streak patterns. Many homeowners also enjoy polishing the marble countertops. A high polish enables the countertops to glow with a glistening shine and to shimmer with a radiant sparkle. As a result, the polished surface and the beautiful marble slabs can enrich the elegant appearance and lavish ambiance of your home.  

However, some potential detriments are also associated with marble. The slabs are relatively more expensive than other options due to the rarity and quality of the stone. Marble is also a generally porous stone. The open pores can allow stains to penetrate the surface and can cause the countertop to display dirt or smudge marks that are difficult to remove. Having your countertop sealed can help you avoid this hazard. Proper sealing can enable your marble countertops to last for an extensive period of time without fading or incurring damages. With proper maintenance, marble countertops can be very cost-effective by increasing the value of your home and by retaining its quality for decades without needing repairs.  

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