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Where to Use Marble in Your Denver Home

August 3, 2016

Everyone knows that Denver marble is a beautiful flooring option, but did you know there are other ways marble can be used around the home? It’s true! If you have fallen in love with marble and want to incorporate it in your home’s design as much as possible, consider using it in these places:

Although granite has always been the go-to stone for countertops, Denver marble is a great alternative for homeowners who want a sleeker, classic look in the kitchen. Marble is much easier to clean than granite and gives the kitchen a completely different vibe than other stones. Marble countertops tell guests that you have sophisticated, unique taste and you are a true original. If you want to wow guests that you invite into your kitchen, choose marble countertops.

Create a comfortable yet elegant living room by using Denver marble around your fireplace. This stone is resistant to heat and fire, so it’s the perfect choice for a fireplace. Because marble is so easy to clean, homeowners don’t have to worry about soot or ash ruining the appearance of the stone. If you don’t want to commit to surrounding the entire fireplace in marble, then consider creating a marble mantle instead. Remember, a fireplace is usually the focal point of the room, so surrounding it in a striking marble stone will definitely draw gasps, “oohs” and “ahs” from visitors.  

Countertops are not the only place where Denver marble can be used in the kitchen. Many homeowners choose to use marble to create a unique backsplash on the kitchen wall. Think of using a marble backsplash as a way to create a statement wall within your kitchen. The second that you step into the room, your eyes will be drawn to the luxurious look of marble that adds character and visual interest to the kitchen. Many people are hesitant to use marble because after wear and tear, you have to polish it so it regains its shine. However, when you use marble as a backsplash, it will hold its shine longer since it won’t be exposed to foot traffic or constant use.

Create a dining room or coffee table that all of your neighbors will envy by using Denver marble. If you have a table with a glass or stone top that you no longer use, consider removing the top and converting it to a marble table. If you want to try a marble table, don’t worry about finding the right stone to match the rest of your home décor. There are endless options available for people interested in Denver marble, so you will without a doubt be able to find the perfect color and veining that matches the rest of your home.

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