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Questions to Ask Yourself When You Shop for Denver Marble

August 24, 2016

Have you fallen in love with the elegant and luxurious look of marble? You’re not alone! Denver marble has become increasingly popular over the last few years, and is expected to remain one of the most commonly used natural stones for the home. If you are beginning your search for the perfect marble for your home, ask yourself these questions:

Do I want veining in my Denver marble?
Marble will either be a fairly solid color or it will have a lot of veining. The look that you prefer will determine which kind of marble is right for you, so this is the first question you should ask yourself. Marble without veining looks clean and classic, while marble with veining looks sophisticated, unique and edgy. The most popular marble styles without veining are Carrara or Crema, so take a look at these two first if that’s what you prefer. If you would rather have marble with veins, make sure that you select your slab in person instead of trusting an image that you see online. Each slab of marble with veining will be unique, so it will most likely look somewhat different than the sample image you see online.

Do I want trendy or timeless?

Fads come and go in home design, so when choosing a style of Denver marble, you have to ask yourself whether you want something that is popular now, or a style that is timeless. Choosing a timeless style such as a solid white marble is a wise investment since it won’t make your home appear outdated in a few years. Choosing a color that is currently “hot” in the market is tempting, but you may feel the urge to switch it out down the road when trends have changed.

What kind of finish do I want?
Denver marble has two types of finishes: honed or polished. The honed finish is produced by sanding the marble’s surface to create a softer, matte look while the polished finish has a shiny, glossy appearance. The choice is yours depending on what you prefer, however it is important to keep in mind that the polished finish tends to offer a bit more protection to the stone. With this finish, you may not have to worry about staining as much as you would with a honed finish. However, it is not as resistant to scratches as a honed finish. It is also not wise to use a polished finish on a bathroom floor, as it can be very slippery especially when it’s wet. Learn more about polished vs. honed finishes here.

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