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How to Choose the Perfect Granite for Your Denver Home

September 7, 2016

Are you considering a kitchen remodel? One of the best ways to upgrade your kitchen is switching to a granite countertop, which instantly adds a touch of elegance to the room. Besides its appearance, Denver granite can also increase the value of your home, so it’s a wise investment if you plan on selling in the near future. Learn more about home features buyers will pay more for.

But, with so many choices, how do you know which style of Denver granite to choose? Follow these tips:

Think of your budget.
Ask your natural stone provider which styles of Denver granite are within your budget before you even think about choosing a color. Some styles are rarer than others, so they will end up costing you more. It’s best to eliminate these right at the beginning so you don’t fall in love with them before you find out they will completely break your budget.

Think of your cabinets.
The style of granite you choose should rely heavily on what your kitchen cabinets look like. Many homeowners love to create a contrast in the kitchen by pairing light colored granite with dark cabinets or vice versa. So, think of the color of your cabinets and let this narrow down the choices for you. For example, if you have very dark cabinets, you should mentally eliminate darker granite colors since this wouldn’t complement the rest of your kitchen.

Bring in pictures.
When you visit Natural Stone Sales, bring in pictures of other elements in your kitchen such as the curtains, flooring, and appliances, so we can help you decide on a style that will look best. The more you can bring in, the better we will be able to find the perfect fit for you.  

Bring samples home.
Once you have narrowed it down to a few styles of Denver granite, ask if you can bring samples home. You will never know how the granite will look under your kitchen’s lights until you see it with your own eyes, so this is a great way to make the finally decision. If you have really bright lights, you might notice flecks of color in some of the granite that you never saw before.

Choose two.
If all else fails and you can’t decide between two Denver granite colors, then choose them both! Many homeowners are incorporating two different styles of granite into their kitchens by using one on the kitchen island countertop, and the other on the rest of the counters. If you do decide to incorporate two colors, make sure you put the darker color on the island and the lighter color on the rest of the countertops to create the perfect contrast.

Contact Natural Stone Sales for help with installing Denver granite around your home. For over 30 years, our expert staff has been satisfying customers throughout the Denver area with our superior and personalized natural stone services. We can handle any of your natural stone needs, we use the best products on the market, and we would be glad to customize tiles that can adorn the beautiful appearance of your floor and maximize the overall value of your home.