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How to Clean Your Limestone Tiles in Denver

September 14, 2016

Limestone is a beautiful and versatile natural stone, which is why so many people use it throughout their homes. But like every other surface, you have to keep Denver limestone clean in order to appreciate its natural beauty. Make sure you clean this stone the right way by following these tips:

Pick the right cleaners.
Some cleaners are designed specifically for limestone. But, if you can’t find one like this, you’re not completely out of luck, just check the label on your cleaner to see if there are any warnings about using it on limestone surfaces. There are several cleaners, such as bleach, ammonia, lemon juice and vinegar, that can seriously damage the way your Denver limestone looks, so steer clear of these.

Pick the right cleaning tools.
You should only use soft cloths when cleaning limestone so you don’t scratch the surface when you wipe it down. If there is any dust or debris on the surface of your limestone, you can use a soft broom or dry mop to gently wipe it away before you start to clean it. Do not use a vacuum unless you are able to turn off the spinning brush, since this can cause deep scratches in the stone.

See if you need a stain remover.
If your Denver limestone has big, noticeable stains, it is probably in your best interest to purchase a limestone stain remover to lift the stain to the surface and get rid of it for good. Most grocery or drug stores carry these, but if you can’t find it, try your local hardware store instead. Whatever you do, do not choose an acid-based stain remover since acid can cause your Denver limestone to corrode over time. 

If you haven’t already sealed your limestone floors, now would be a great time to do it since you just removed all of the stains. Find a limestone sealer and keep it handy so you can apply it after you have cleaned the surface. The sealant will help prevent liquids from penetrating the surface of the stone and creating new stains.

Now, you’re ready to clean.
There are a few ways you can go about cleaning your Denver limestone. Either gently mop the area using a mixture of warm water and limestone cleaner, or grab a soft cloth and gently wipe it down using the same solution. Allow the solution to soak into the surface for a few minutes to break down any stains or remove any dirt particles before rinsing it off with warm water and drying it.

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