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Guide to Adding Denver Molding to Your Home Renovation Project

October 5, 2016

One of the simplest ways to add character to your home is with moldings. While many always think of moldings being placed around floors and around a room, there are so many other ways you can add in molding! It makes for a finished look and adds a little extra charm that can really make a dramatic difference. Especially when you are using stone in various areas of your house.

Molding Sizes:

You can use molding types such as chair rails, canes, pencil liners and ropes as borders and accidents. Pencil liners are usually smaller and are ½ inch by 12 inches long. Cane molding has a higher width than pencil, and is anywhere from ¾ to one inch wide and 12 inches long. Next is rope, which has a unique texture and is one inch wide and 12 inches long. Last is the widest of the molding at two inches wide by 12 inches long.

Types of Finishes:

You can get your molding in travertine, marble, granite or slate finishes. Travertine is a stone that is one of the easiest and best to clean and provides a dramatic look. Marble molding also provides a dramatic and classic look that attract many with its European appeal. Granite molding is a durable option that when sealed, is a reliable construction that does not stain easily. Last, you can also use slate molding. Many love putting this around fireplaces or accents for floors and other borders.

Changing the Dynamic:

Molding can be one of the top inexpensive ways to change the look and feel of a room. HGTV says you can add in three ways to make a difference. First is in the baseboards. Depending on your ceiling height you can add one that is eight to 10 inches. These are especially great at changing the dynamic of hardwood floors. Next are casings. These are the areas for doorways and other walkways and are available in a variety of styles. One of the most popular styles is crown molding. HGTV says the cove and dramatic curve is a go-to for a bold (but not busy) statement.

Important Tips:

When adding molding to your home, keep in mind to make sure it is a contrasting color. For instances, if you have dark hardwood floors, choose a lighter shade of molding. When going with a stone molding, work with your stone company to make sure it fits the look and feel of your home. They can help you find the material that best fits your home’s environment, will be easy to take care of and maintain its quality.

Learn more about how molding and trim can enhance your living space. When you are ready to find the stone best for you, Natural Stone Sales is your local Denver stone authority! Our premier services and selection can help you choose the best one for your home. Take a look at our entire stone project gallery to find Denver molding ideas and other stone renovation tips to get started. Then, give us a call at 303-777-7485 for assistance with your next design.