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How to Make White Denver Marble Work in Your Home

Perhaps one of the biggest trends in the home design industry is the use of a single color: white. If you’ve picked up an interior design magazine lately, you may have noticed trendsetters are incorporating more and more white into their homes. Of course, white Denver marble is one of the most popular stones for this trend, but will it work for your home? Yes—if you follow these tips:
Use different shades of white.
Believe it or not, there are dozens of different shades of white. If you want to go for an all-white look in one of the rooms in your home, make sure you use different shades of white. Choose one shade for the throw rugs and pillows, another for the marble, and yet another for the furniture. Make sure you choose shades that work together, though. Don’t pick stark white and cream colors, as these are too far away from each other on the color spectrum.
Add texture.
A room can look a bit empty and cold if it is white from floor to ceiling, but if you add texture, it can instantly warm up the area. Texture can be added through the use of patterned wallpapers or different materials. For example, choose a white marble with veining so it looks more textured and unique. You will still achieve the all-white, marble look you desire, but it will look more upscale.
Use architectural detailing.
If you don’t plan on hanging any artwork in the room, then try to add a little bit of visual interest with architectural detailing. Consider adding a chair rail or crown molding, for example. Even if you keep these details white, they will still make the room more lively and interesting. Plus, paired with the white marble, your home will look incredibly luxurious.
Insert a pop of color.
An all-white look can still be achieved even with a pop of color, so don’t shy away from adding a little to make the room feel more welcoming and put together. You don’t have to go crazy with the color, either. Throw a brightly colored throw pillow onto your white couch or put out a gold decorative vase on your white marble coffee table. This little bit of color may not seem like enough to make a difference, but in an all white room, a little goes a long way.
Choose stain resistant fabrics.
Many people are terrified of trying the all white trend because they fear the stains that may come along with it. So, if you want to nail the white marble-white room trend, choose stain resistant fabrics such as viscose and polyester. Learn more about upholstery that stands up to anything.
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