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The Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning and Protecting Denver Travertine

Denver travertine is a form of limestone deposited by hot mineral springs. It is versatile, beautiful and classic, which is why so many homeowners use it throughout the inside and outside of their homes. But, when it comes time to clean and protect travertine, what should you do? Here are the do’s and don’ts of cleaning this natural stone:
Do: Seal travertine.
Polished travertine does not stain easily, but unpolished can soak up liquids and discolor rather quickly. To avoid this happening in your home, make sure you take the time to seal all travertine floors, countertops and other surfaces. Sealing will protect Denver travertine against stains and preserve your investment.
Don’t: Use just any cleaning product.
It can be tempting to buy any kind of all purpose cleaner at the grocery store and bring it home to use on your travertine, but don’t! Products found on the grocery store shelves typically have acids, alkalis and other harmful chemicals that can either wear away the travertine’s sealant or damage the surface of the stone. It’s recommended to stay away from vinegar, ammonia or lemon cleaners as well. Even though these work on many other natural stones, they can severely damage travertine, so it’s best to keep these out of your home. Learn how to clean travertine.
Do: Use a sponge and hot water.
To clean Denver travertine, stick to a soft sponge or cloth and hot water. However, you should invest in a cleaner designed for travertine and use that sparingly in between the hot water and sponge cleanings. You shouldn’t have to use it too frequently, but it’s always nice to have it around in case your stone is stained.
Don’t: Put products directly on the travertine.
If you have travertine in your bathrooms or kitchen, make sure you are not placing products directly on top of the stone. Toiletries or cleaning products can have chemicals that can leak out of the bottle and into the surface of the stone, causing irreversible damage. If you want to keep these products out on display, put down a decorative tray or bin to hold everything instead of placing the items directly on the travertine.
Do: Use doormats.
If you have travertine near any doors, make sure you are putting mats or rugs out. The sand, dirt and debris that you can bring in from outside on your shoes can scratch and damage the surface of your Denver travertine. Protect it by laying out a mat or rug where guests can wipe their feet before stepping onto your beautiful natural stone.
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