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The History of Denver Marble

December 7, 2016

Marble is an elegant stone to use for many different purposes. Most commonly you will find marble counters in homes today. From bathrooms to kitchens, it is the perfect addition to a new home or remodel project. It is easy to maintain and just requires a few things to maintain its beauty for years. Simply make sure it is sealed, wipe it down regularly and avoid harsh cleaners and chemicals. Marble stone has been the décor of choice since ancient times. Its quality is unmatched and has continued to grow century after century. Learn the history of this stone and how Denver marble is used today in homes:

Ancient Origins

Marble was popularly used among the Greeks and Romans over 2,000 years ago. It was a long, hard process to get the marble. Those who could get it were usually wealthy and it was used in homes and buildings for décor, flooring, counters, etc. Not only was it used for décor, but it was the structure for many buildings as well. Marble stone has been linked to social status. You also found marble used for statues and other fixtures within the cities. It was truly a beauty that took a skill to form the perfect design. The Parthenon in Greece, Pisa Cathedral in Italy, Taj Mahal in India and the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. are a few of many structures built using marble.

Modern Use

Marble became a popular countertop stone in the 1800s. It was often used in kitchens as bakers utilized its cool surface to prep their baked goods. Nearly a century later, marble continued to hold its value and popularity. Cultured marble is a mix of marble and other materials. Today, marble remains a popular counter type. It is smooth, elegant material that is well-liked in the design world. Learn more about how to incorporate marble into your home decor.

Incorporating in Homes

When choosing a material for your bathroom, kitchen or other surfaces, marble is a one of the top choices among homeowners. Not only can you add light colored marble to make a space look larger, you can even go extravagant and incorporate marble in many other places within large rooms. Marble flooring is also an option. You can add in stylish rugs and make your home an envied space by your guests. Marble is great for accessories too. Work with a local company to build tables using marble. You can also have marble trim and window casings for an upscale appearance. When it comes to this type of style of stone, options are endless.
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