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Denver Porcelain Flooring Ideas for Your Home Renovation Project

Denver porcelain flooring is a great option for your home renovation project. This cost effective option is a form of ceramic tile. It is higher quality over vinyl flooring and is a great option to fit in a budget. Being a form of ceramic, porcelain can stand up to heavy duty use and abuse in commonly walked through areas, such as entry ways and kitchens. It is also one of the best options for those with children and pets as it is difficult to scratch or stain. In addition, it may be useful to check out reasons to choose porcelain tile. When doing an entire home renovation, it is great to have a clean slate. With a wide variety of porcelain styles, you have several types to choose from that will work with your other renovation.

  • Wood: Wood floors can be a costly addition to a home. Many choose porcelain flooring that has the look and feel of real wood. You can find flooring in dark, light or natural wood. Darker colors, such as spice, is great for environments that are brighter. For instance, light walls and counters. Natural porcelain wood is a lighter shade of brown, with hints of gray, and is flexible in both light and dark areas. It fairs well in modern and contemporary environments. Last, saddle porcelain wood is a rich brown color. It works well in traditional areas and can work well in light or dark themed rooms. With porcelain wood, you can find long or small slats that are thin or wide. You can also choose zig-zag patterns to bring character in a room.
  • Square Tile: There are a variety of types of square tiles. Smaller tiles are ideal for small spaces, such as bathrooms or small kitchens. You can find a mixture of styles with character. These may have a marble-like texture. Square tile is a great upscale option to create depth in a room. You can also choose larger square tiles which can help make a room look much larger. Larger square tiles are also a premier choice for modern and contemporary home remodels.
  • Solid: Solid porcelain flooring is a great option to provide consistency to a room. Available in a variety of colors, a solid option You can choose solid options with a grainy or horizontal lines. Many choose this type of flooring to make a room look larger. It can be complemented with rugs to add character to it. Similar to square tile, you can also find solid marble-like porcelain as well. This premier option provides the elegance of marble flooring at a fraction of the cost. Choose a light color in a light or dark room.
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