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Bathroom Remodel Trends for 2017

January 18, 2017

What does the up-coming year hold when it comes to bathroom design and style? What will be trending? What are the latest creations, ideas, and innovations for the bathroom? To some, the bathroom might be a room in the house that you overlook, but it has definite potential. It is a great place to create that spa-like oasis you have always dreamed of. At Natural Stone Sales, we have the ingredients that, if mixed just right, can make your Denver natural stone bathroom a reality.

Mid-Century Modern

A popular style that has made a comeback in 2016, and will be around for 2017 is the mid-century modern style. So when it comes to bathrooms, super clean colors and seamless lines will be on trend. Natural stone is something that you need to use to add a touch of elegance and organic feeling to the bathroom. Learn more about how to add midcentury modern style to your home.


Focus on simplicity in the bathroom layout and think about using the same natural materials for walls and floors to promote continuity. The straight lines of beautiful masonry never get old, and can create a natural, almost-outside feel and look that will bring playfulness and comfort to your bathroom space.

Natural versus Synthetic

When the modern-day meets natural, it produces a clean and stylish ambiance. Natural Wood and stone combined with synthetic materials is perfect for variations of design and style. Think about a porcelain tub in the middle of the warmth of wood and the shine of glass tiles, and you get the idea of how this works.

Dark Colors

White bathrooms have been very popular for the last 10 years, but a the new trend is to pick dark colors with light colors. Gray is a great in between color with many shades and hues. You will find slate gray very appealing for bathroom tiles or an accent wall. It will give your bathroom a modern and luxurious look.

Be Bold

While you don’t want to overpower your bathroom space with many bold pieces the 2017 trend for bold is combining styles and creating a dynamic modernistic yet homey feel for you to relax in.
The coming year will bring a new feeling into style – one that aims for a classy, well planned look, while not pretentious. Go for a spa-like, but not obsessed-over look. This balanced ambiance can be attained by the careful combination of classic meets modern, minimalism with warmth, and innovation next to nature/natural. Also, don't overlook the addition of living plants, because not only are they stylish, they are a healthy addition to any natural space.

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