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3 Reasons to Choose Denver Mosaics for Your Home Remodel

When remodeling your home, it is a great time to consider ways to make your home stand out. One of the best ways to do this is utilizing Denver mosaics. Mosaics are one of the top additions to a home. They can be the perfect accent piece in a kitchen, bathroom, living room and more. Learn some of the different ways to incorporate this design in your remodel and some of the best reasons why this will work.
  • Trending: Mosaics have become one of the latest trends in home design over the last few years. Even though it has been used for centuries, it is gaining in popularity in new homes, remodels and projects. Plus, if you are considering selling a home, this can be a very attractive feature for re-sell value. For more recent trends, many are choosing bold and vibrant colors that stand out. This pairs well with a solid neutral paint color. Neutral wall colors pair well as the two aren’t competing. Mosaics also come in a variety of sizes. Homeowners also are experimenting with a variety of shapes and sizes for their mosaic designs. From long and narrow rectangles to wide squares, options are endless.
  • Benefits: When adding mosaic tiles to your home, you are adding so much character. It can make a simple wall stand out with much personality. Not only is it a beautiful addition, mosaics, especially glass ones, are easy to clean. They are a quality addition and do not hold stains, mildew and other toxins. Plus, they do not have pores like other stone materials do which also helps with cleaning. Stone tiles are also a great choice. They hold up for years and can also help to retain heat in certain situations. Mosaic tiles are also an eco-friendly addition to your home, too.
  • Versatile: No matter what style your home is, or what your remodel goals are, mosaic tiles are a go-to product to add pops of color and personality. Whether you have a traditional home or a modern one, mosaics can work with both. Bolder and unique colors may work well in contemporary and modern settings, while consistent and simple mosaics are great in traditional. You can mix and match them for themes throughout your home by adding a backsplash in your kitchen that matches mosaics placed in bathroom showers. Top it off with patterns in utility or laundry rooms or even the garage. You can also add an entire mosaic wall in a living room or dining room that matches with fireplaces and other settings.

As you consider adding mosaics into your remodel, be sure to read “Unique Styles for Mosaic Tiles for Denver.” When ready to add this to your home, contact your local stone experts, Natural Stone Sales. From mosaics and granite to slate and travertine, we provide a large variety of premier stones for your home remodel project. To get started with your project, call us at 303-777-7485. We are available Monday through Friday form 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and by appointment on Saturday.