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3 Styles of Kitchens and How to Incorporate Denver Granite into Each

When it comes to different styles of kitchen, there are three top types: Traditional, rustic and modern. Each of these has their own flair and personality. It is a great investment to increase the value of your home to renovate your kitchen. Plus, you can find the style that best fits you and your family. Learn more about the three different styles of kitchens and how to incorporate Denver granite into each.  


Traditional kitchens provide a timeless and simple look. This style of kitchen is elegant with lots of character. Crown molding is very popular in this style of kitchen, making every angle of the space unique.  It is comprised of many different natural elements from light or dark wood cabinets. Traditional kitchens are usually filled with light colors, from white and beige, to yellow or light brown. The natural colors continue onto the counters. You can add in natural shades of granite that will perfectly complement the ambiance of the room. Traditional kitchens also often have a traditional and simple hanging light. Recessed lighting is also common.


For a kitchen rich with character, the rustic style would be great for you. Natural shades of quality wood are very common in rustic kitchens. It is common to find brown cabinets with glass panes to under counter cabinets of the same color with large decorative knobs. This style can be taken to a next level with natural stone incorporated as a backsplash. Rustic kitchens are often very grand with large comfortable seats and an especially large stove. You can also find sinks with deep basins and only one bowl. Wood is a very common element of this style, but granite pairs incredibly well with it. Natural colors are a great addition. Along with your granite counters, a butcher block is a great add to a rustic kitchen.

Modern and Contemporary

Modern and contemporary kitchens focus on simplicity. Straight lines are a very common feature in this style. That does not mean this type of kitchen does not lack character. Modern kitchen can mix up the rules and have a mix of everything, with wood elements to plain colors. They are also known for quirky features such as unique lighting and furniture to a variety of colors. Some people prefer a clean white appearance with white or other light colored granite cabinets to a mix of bold colors. This style of kitchen can be grand, and because of the simplicity of it, it can make the kitchen look much larger. Contemporary kitchens are like modern, but they do have differences. In the Wall Street Journal’s “Modern or Contemporary: What’s the Difference in Home Styles?” they explain that modern homes have elements from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, which were rich in monochromatic color pallets and exposed steel and concrete. Contemporary has similar elements but more character and soul than modern. It also is ever changing with today’s styles as opposed to staying close to those older elements.

Once you decide what to do with your kitchen, be sure to read these go-to bathroom remodel tips and reasons to choose Denver granite. When ready to get started, Natural Stone Sales is your premier local family owned stone sales business. Call us today at 303-777-7485 to get started on your next project!