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Kitchen Remodeling Ideas and Incorporating Denver Prefabricated Slabs

With spring just around the corner, what better way to get a head start on spring cleaning than to renovate your kitchen? From updating space and organization and adding energy efficient appliances, to incorporating Denver prefabricated slabs, now is a great time to consider a new project.

Space and Organization

Whether you have a small or large kitchen, there are always ways you can improve your spacing. A premier way to do this is by restructuring or adding cabinets. When it comes to the interior of the cabinets, a top way to optimize space is by adding sub shelves, tired racks, spinning racks and more. This way, it will be easier to reach the items you have in each of the cabinets. Pots and pans in particular are super space suckers. Many are choosing to have wall mounted or suspended pot and pan racks. These can be placed along a wall, for instance above a sink, or suspended over an island. Similar racks can be installed for wine glasses.

Create Energy Efficiency

Did you know you could be wasting money every month because of the appliances and faucet you have in your kitchen? This can be an issue, especially in older homes. One of the best things you can do with a kitchen remodel is to add energy efficient appliances. Any appliance with the ENERGY STAR logo can provide huge savings on your monthly utility and water bills. But wait, there’s more. By investing in energy efficient products, you may be eligible for rebates and tax credits. That means a one time investment in upgraded, quality equipment will lead to long term savings. Can’t beat that! Find more information by checking out’s “Tax Credits, Rebates and Savings.

Prefabricated Slabs

A great addition to a kitchen remodel are stone counters. They are gorgeous and will transform your entire kitchen. To save money, you can invest in prefabricated stone counters. These are the same thing as normal stone counters but have been pre-cut to size. Depending on your kitchen counter’s current size or updated size if you change during a remodel, you can work with a local stone company to find prefabricated slabs. You can find these slabs in popular stones such as granite, marble, travertine and quartz. They typically have a bullnose, which means the edges of them are rounded.

Ready to learn more about prefabricated slabs? Check out the benefits of choosing Denver prefabricated granite slabs for your home remodel. When ready, Natural Stone Sales is your prefabricated go-to company! We can show you our wide variety of slabs to incorporate into your remodel. We offer 2 centimeter countertop sizes that are 100”x26”. We also offer 112”x26” as well. Our prefabricated slabs have a 1 ½” laminated full bullnose on one long side. They also have two short sides with a 6” matching backsplash. This is the perfect addition for a kitchen remodel! You can call us at 303-777-7485 from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday to get started!