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Ideas to Create an Elegant, Traditional Kitchen with Denver Marble Counters

Are you looking to enhance the quality of your kitchen and renovate with a classic style? A traditional kitchen is one of the premier appearances. Many prefer it because of it’s grand features. Upgrading your kitchen is one of the best ways to increase the overall value of your home. From characteristics and elements to add, to reasons to incorporate Denver marble counters, try some of these ideas to enhance the overall look of your kitchen.

Traditional kitchen traits

When it comes to traditional kitchens, there are many different traits that can be incorporated. Many love how grand and elegant a traditional kitchen can be. It can incorporate both new features that is also rich with older features and décor. According to Apartment Therapy’s “Style Guide: Characteristics of Traditional and Classic Kitchens,” some of the top traits in traditional kitchens include recessed panel cabinets, glass cabinets, crown molding, rustic features, skirting boards, neutral tones and texture. For some, they may consider a traditional kitchen as a country kitchen. But Apartment Therapy explains you can incorporate many high-tech features.

Elements to add

For designing your dream traditional kitchen, depending on size, there are many elements you can add in. First, one of the top things you can add are breakfast nooks. Typically, these sit along a window and include a bench or booth-like seating arrangement. Next, incorporate lighting that highlights the greatest areas of the kitchen. These can be both recessed or through gorgeous hanging light fixtures that match the color scheme of your kitchen. For your cabinets, you can invest in cabinets that are rich with character. Depending on the colors you choose for your kitchen, with neutral being common, you can incorporate both light or dark wood. Traditional kitchens also incorporate knobs into your cabinet. To make food prep a breeze, consider adding an island. It may also include counters underneath that match the upper cabinets.

Add marble counters

When looking to add a final touch to an elegant, traditional kitchen, go with marble countertops. Marble counters have a sleek look with character, but simple as opposed to granite. In addition to a gorgeous appearance, marble is also resistant to heat. This means certain items that have been heated up will not be damaged if set on the counters. It’s also extremely durable and can stand up to heavy use. You can also easily clean marble as well. To clean, you do not need chemical cleaners and can handle messes, spills and routine cleaning with warm water and a mild detergent. Wondering what to do? Check out these marble trends Denver homeowner’s love.

If you are in need of a go-to expert to make your traditional kitchen dreams happen, Natural Stone Sales is your local stone specialist. We are experienced in all areas to help you with your kitchen remodels. When it comes to marble, we have a variety of colors and options available. For more information about your next project for your kitchen, give us a call at 303-777-7485.