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Ways to Incorporate Denver Porcelain Tiles in Your Home

April 19, 2017

Denver porcelain tile complements any interior and is loved by homeowners across the country because of its durability and affordability. This versatile tile comes in many different colors and styles, so you can use it in various places throughout your home. Where should you begin? Here are some ideas to help you determine how you can incorporate porcelain tile in your home:

Outdoor Kitchen

Many homeowners use porcelain tile in their indoor kitchens, but what about their outdoor kitchens? Porcelain tile is very difficult to scratch or chip, so it’s the perfect material for the outdoors where it may be exposed to harsh environmental elements. Porcelain is also not as vulnerable to freeze and thaw cycles as other tiles, which is why it is a better choice than ceramic tile for the outdoors. If you’re thinking of installing an outdoor kitchen, you should consider using porcelain tile for your countertops.

Bathroom Walls

Porcelain tile is often used on bathroom floors, but if you want to incorporate it even further into your home’s design, add it to the bathroom walls as well. Use large porcelain tiles on your bathroom walls to make the entire room look sleeker and edgier. This design isn’t just stylish—it’s functional, too. Porcelain tile is more resistant to water than other options, including wallpaper. If you want to limit the damage that water does in your bathroom, then adding porcelain tile to your walls is a smart decision.

Don’t forget to add porcelain tiles to the walls inside your shower, too. Because this area is exposed to more water than any other wall space in your bathroom, porcelain tile is the right choice to protect your walls.


Do you have a fireplace in your living room or bedroom? There’s no better way to draw attention to it and make it the centerpiece of the room than by surrounding it with porcelain tile. There are so many colors and designs of porcelain tile that you can create virtually any look that you want. Right now, it’s very trendy to choose a metallic porcelain tile to use around the fireplace. This style will make the fireplace look more dramatic, while using porcelain tile that resembles wood will make the fireplace look more rustic and natural. See 10 stylish tile options for your fireplace surround.


As previously mentioned, porcelain tile is a great choice for outdoor spaces because of its durability. So if you plan on redoing your patio, you may want to use porcelain tile flooring. You can use porcelain tile that resembles wood or natural stone to give your patio a more authentic, outdoorsy feel.

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