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Should You Choose Prefinished or Unfinished Denver Hardwood Floors?

April 26, 2017

Besides choosing the plank width, stain, and type of wood, you will also have to decide whether you want prefinished or unfinished hardwood floors in Denver. Prefinished floors are finished before arriving at your home, so all that needs to be done is the installation. Unfinished floors will need to be installed and sanded down at your home before a professional is able to apply a finishing coat. Which should you choose? Take these pros and cons into consideration before finalizing your decision:

The Installation Process

Flooring professionals do not have to do as much work to install prefinished hardwood as they would have to do to install unfinished hardwood. This means the installation process is much faster for prefinished wood, which is important if you do not have a lot of time to spare.

Additionally, flooring professionals will need to sand down unfinished wood after it has been installed. This means that wood dust will fill the air around your new floors, which could irritate your respiratory system. Once the finish has finally been applied, you may not be able to walk over the floor for hours or even days. Plus, the smell of the finish can linger in the air while it dries, which can make the unfinished wood installation process even more unpleasant.

Finished Product

Will unfinished or prefinished wood look better once it has been completely installed? It depends on your preference. Prefinished wood often comes with slightly rounded edges, which some people love and some people hate.

Because unfinished wood is sanded down once it’s been installed, the flooring professional can make sure that all of the planks are the same height. However, prefinished floors are not sanded down after installation, so if the subfloor is uneven, your wood planks may be slightly different heights as well.


The finish treatment that is used on prefinished wood is much stronger than the treatment used on unfinished wood. This is because it is applied in a commercial setting, so stronger chemicals can be used. Therefore, prefinished wood floors tend to be more durable than unfinished wood floors.

However, it is harder to repair prefinished wood than it is to fix a problem with unfinished wood. If a portion of your prefinished wood is damaged, you may have to sand down the entire floor or completely replace the affected area. If your unfinished wood shows signs of damage, you can usually get rid of the imperfection by sanding the spot. So, although prefinished floors are more durable, they are more difficult to repair. Learn how to repair hardwood floors.

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