Denver Moldings

Natural Stone Sales in Denver, CO. Wholesale natural stones, marble, granite, travertine, limestone, slate, porcelain, mosaics, glass and more.

Moldings such as chair rails, canes, pencil liners and ropes are often used as borders and accents to create a finished look. Moldings come in a variety of products including; travertine, marble, granite and slate.

Durango Pencil 1/2 x 12

Durango Cane 1 x 12

Durange Cane 3/4 x 12

Durango Rope 1 x 12

Durango Chair Rail 2 x12

English Walnut Rope 1 x 12

English Walnut Chair Rail 2 x12

Noche Pencil 1/2 x 12

Noche Cane 3/4 x 12

Noche Chair Rail 2 x 12