Denver Glass Mosaics & Tile

Natural Stone Sales in Denver, CO. Wholesale natural stones, marble, granite, travertine, limestone, slate, porcelain, mosaics, glass and more.

Academia Series

African Safari
Architects Clay
Astromomers Light
Aviation Mint
Oceanic Cerulean
Cultural Sienna
Evolution Green

Aquatica Series

Glossy Spectrum
Grey Scale
Misty Water
Rainbow Trout
Taupe Mississippi

  Astro Series

Agave Specks
Chocolate Space
Cosmic Lure
Moon Dust
Silver Scape

Bella Muro Series

Glacier Lake
Harbour Beige
Mauve Mocha

Monterey Suede

Sutton Frost

Boardwalk Series

Pacific Surf
Sand Dune

Brush Stroke Series

Charcoal Valley
Harvest Stalks
Olive Leaf
Pueblo Clay

Bubble Series

Sable Brown
Warm Brownie
White Dove

Cane Series

Bermuda Sand
Creek Bed
Cypress Green
Fraser Fir
Gray Stone
Harbor Brown
Marble Canyon
Saybrook Sage
Super White

Cascade Series


Crema Marfil and Thassos White and Emperador Light

Emperador Dark and Crema Marfil and Emperador Light

Honey Onyx and Mint Green and Thassos White

Lagos Azul and Creama Marfil and Thassos White

Mugworth and Thassos White and Basalt Mix

Wooden White Athen Gray Thassos Mix

Corrugated Scape Series

Alhambra Pallete
Atctic Plateau
Cocoa Forest
Dusk Scenery
Ebony Cliff
Mustard Field
Olivine Shell
Pepper Stalk
Urban Pollen

Diamond Series

Crema Marfil (big diamond) and Empr Dark
Honey Onyx (big diamond) and Thassos White
Ming Green Light (big diamond) and Thassos White 

Mugworth (big diamond) and Thassos White

Wooden White (big diamond) and Athen Gray

Enchanted Flavors Series

Coconut House
Crunched Pecan
Divine Strudel 

Marsala Swirl

Morning Granola

Tuscan Syrup

Excalibur Series

Dream Gallery
Smokey Tan
Timber Wolf
Winter Fjord

Flower Series

Crema marfil (oval) and Emp. Dark (dots) and Emp.
Crema marfil (oval) and Emp. Dark (dots) and Thassos White
Honey Onyx (oval) and Thassos White (dots)
Ming Green (oval) and Red (dots) and Thassos White
Ming green (oval) andThassos White (dots)
Thassos white (oval) and Emp. Light (dots) and Cream

Glass and Granite Series

Country Station
Hampton Path
Urban Sidewalk

Glass and Slate Series

Chestnut Screen (Block Random)
Chestnut Screen (Brick Random)
Contemporary Mocha (Block Random)
Contemporary Mocha (Random Brick)
Forest Floor (Block Random)
Forest Floor (Random Brick)
Hillcrest Tan (Random Brick)
Hillcrest Tan (Block Random)
Mineral Cliff (Block Random)
Mineral Cliff (Random Brick)
Northhampton Putty (Random Brick)
Rustic Taupe (Block Random)
Rustic Taupe (Random Brick)
Sag Harbor Gray (Block Random)
Sag Harbor Gray (Random Brick)
Titanium Filed (Block Random)
Titanium Filed (Random Brick)

Winter Scape (Block Random)

Winter Scape (Random Brick)

Grand Turret Series

Grey Truth
Ivy Drawbridge
Persian Quest
Yorkshire Tower

Holy Trail Series

Mount Zion
Nahal Yarkon
Yam Hamelach

Honeycomb Series

Island Marina
Tufted Shade
Water Chestnut
Young Fawn

Image Series


Imperial Series

Imperial Cloud
Majestic Ivory
Regal Honey
Royal Egret

Impression Series

Alloy Fusion
Autumn Leaf

Barbados Sand

Bridgewater Tan
Rocky Road
Rushing River
Toffee Latte

Interlace Series

Crunched Walnut
Herbal Garden
Ice Basket
Peach Field