Denver Natural and Polished Pebble Interior Design Ideas

January 24, 2022

Interior design trends come and go but there are a few staples which seem to withstand the test of time. These mainstays have been around seemingly forever and appear poised to exist well into the future. However, before their reign they too were just ideas and attempts individuals tried in order to spruce up a residence. Other concepts tend to appear in cycles, popular for a period of time and then perhaps disappearing for a bit before making a return to mainstream acceptance. In between these two characteristics are items which fit individuals interior design preferences and are applied due to their own personal decisions whenever appropriate.

As the new year begins, interior design trends are fluctuating between each previously mentioned idea, while also adding in some new concepts. An ongoing trend towards natural materials continues and the capability to incorporate these concepts into more interior spaces is only expanding. Both natural and polished pebbles are now available to build upon these ideas in every area of a home.


The bathroom is one of the most natural fits for pebbles, as they can immediately add a spa-like feeling to your space. From an accent piece in showers or a backsplash, to mats outside the tub or placed in front of sinks, using either natural or polished pebbles in these areas will really transform the current look of your bathroom.


Another good fit for pebble use is the kitchen. Here, pebbles may also be added as an accent component to the backsplash, but they can also appear in other unique concepts. Creating trivetts or placemats with either polished or natural pebbles will also help to incorporate this look into your kitchen, bar, or dining rooms.

Living Room

The living room also presents some unique opportunities to add decorative pebbles into the mix. Be it an addition to existing planters or decor around a fireplace, the placement of either natural or polished stone will immediately instill a feeling of nature into your home. These pieces not only serve as complementary aspects to other features within the space, but they can also stand on their own as focal points within an entire interior design concept.

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