Denver Natural Stone: Granite Bathroom Uses

May 6, 2022

Granite was one of the first natural stones to make its way into homes across the country. Bringing a sense of nature into the four walls of a property, this upgrade acted as a unique opportunity for homeowners everywhere. Granite’s physical appearance, ease of upkeep, and outstanding durability quickly made it a hit in all kitchens as an alternative to laminate and older countertop surfaces. Rising in popularity, numerous individuals elected to upgrade their existing kitchens and contractors began making it the norm in homes of every shape and size.

Due to overwhelming support and an ability to fit unlimited design styles, granite uses outside the kitchen also began to appear. Granite has incredible longevity and even those first installations still look as good today as they did once installed. This lasting impact led its use to move elsewhere within a home and the next logical stop on the floorplan was the bathroom. Here, granite performed a similar function, same as the kitchen, and also displayed the versatility associated with this natural stone.


Obviously, the success granite found in a kitchen easily transitioned to the bathroom for many of the same reasons. Resilience, easy upkeep, undeniable style, and water resistance all made natural stone an excellent choice here. For a countertop that may see even more use than one in the kitchen, granite’s undeniable presence continues to spruce up bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. From primary, guest, and even half baths, the use of granite countertops in any bathroom makes perfect sense.

Shower Walls

But the impact of granite doesn’t simply end at the counter. Granite can also be used in a variety of other different areas of a bathroom. Shower walls are another common place where granite has also been growing in popularity. Not only does the use of natural stone in a shower instantly give homeowners a spa-like feeling, but its style and ability to change the look of a room is undeniable. 


Granite can also be used as accent pieces in any bathroom. From a window sill to floors, it’s ability to withstand consistent use and not show scratches makes it a perfect option for high use or high traffic areas. Mixed and matched with other stone colors or materials, granite has maintained its popularity through versatility and essentially having unlimited uses throughout any bathroom continues to make this natural stone a desirable option for homeowners everywhere.

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