The Best Types of Natural Stone for Denver Shower Enclosures

Renovating your bathroom is a simple way to add value to your home and create a unique, luxurious experience that makes every shower feel like a relaxing trip to the spa. While choosing the right shower head can dramatically impact the quality of your shower, choosing the right natural stone to install on your shower walls can impact the feel of the entire room. Your Denver natural stone experts want to help you make the best choice. Here are a few beautiful options to consider for your shower renovation.

Granite is one of the most durable materials you can use in your bathroom. When properly sealed, the stone is resistant to stains, chips, and damage. This means the stone will stand up to even the hardest use without looking dingy or old. Even better, it’s easy to clean and keep gleaming for years to come. Granite is available in many different colors, so you’re sure to find one that will work with your home’s aesthetic. 

Quartz is a non-porous stone which means it won’t absorb water even if the stone gets chipped or the protective polish fades over time. It’s ideal for shower walls and is available in unique shades of white, gray, and everything in between. Like granite, quartz is low-maintenance and is easy to clean with gentle cleaning solutions. Many homeowners end up using matching or complementing shades of quartz for their shower walls and bathroom countertops for an added touch of luxury.

Marble has long been a mainstay for high-end flooring options, but it’s also ideal for your shower enclosure. The stone comes in the widest range of colors of most natural stone tiles. You’re able to choose shades of black, white, gray, red, blue, and green to suit your preferences and your budget. However, marble will require a bit more maintenance than other stone options. It’s naturally porous, so it can absorb water if the sealant is damaged or the stone is cracked. You’ll want to stay on top of routine maintenance each year to make sure your marble will look like new for decades to come.

If you’re looking for a darker rough stone, slate is the perfect choice for your bathroom. Like marble, slate needs to be well sealed to protect it from degradation, but as long as the sealant is maintained, the stone will last for years. It’s available in shades of dark gray, light gray, rust, and combinations of the three. Keep in mind that slate can be difficult to clean. You’ll want to choose it only if you’re comfortable putting in a little extra work when cleaning your bathroom each week.

Make Your Shower Feel Luxurious With Denver Natural Stone
Updating your shower with high-quality stone tiles in Denver is one of the best ways to boost your home’s value and make your bathroom feel more luxurious. If you’re ready to make the switch from boring tile or fiberglass enclosures and want to explore your natural stone options, stop by the Natural Stone Sales showroom or contact us to learn more about our selection.
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