How to Keep Slate Countertops Looking Great

When it comes to high-quality and durable countertops, few materials are better than natural stone. And when choosing from different types of stone, few offer the distinct look and durability of slate from your Denver natural stone supplier. Slate can make any kitchen look more elegant, but keeping it looking like new for years requires a bit of routine maintenance and upkeep. Here are a few key tips to help you keep your slate countertops looking great now and in the future.

Dust Them Weekly
Dust doesn’t just dull the polish of your countertops. It also increases the risk of scratches and pitting in the sealed and polished surface. Dust can be incredibly abrasive, and when a heavier item like a pot, plate, or food container is placed on top of the dust and dragged along the surface, it’s normal for scratches to appear. 

Though you can repair the damage, it’s best to prevent it. Get in the habit of dusting the surface at least once a week with a damp microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloths trap dust and dirt without scratching the surface you’re dusting.

Scrub Food Residue Away With a Damp Cloth
Acidic foods like citrus juice, tomato sauce, and spilled wine can damage the look of your slate countertops if left sitting too long. Start watching for spills on your countertops anytime you’re cooking or preparing food. If you notice any residue, wipe it up with a damp cloth. 

In most cases, all you’ll need to use is water. However, if you need to deep clean or sanitize your countertops, make sure to use a cleaner that won’t damage your stone. Dedicated stone cleaners and some disinfectant sprays will be just fine. Make sure to check the label for any potential issues before you spray away.

Dry Damp and Wet Spots Immediately
Slate’s beautiful dark color can make the rest of your kitchen pop, but it also makes water spots visible from anywhere in the room. If you notice a damp spot or drops of water on the countertop, wipe them up as soon as you can. Though water spots aren’t a sign of damage to the stone, they can diminish the impact your slate countertops will have on the space. 

Stay on Top of Sealing
The reason your slate countertops are so durable is that they’re sealed against moisture damage. While the sealant will last for many years, it can be damaged by acidic foods, scratches, and super-heated pots and pans. If you notice a dull spot on your countertops, be ready to reapply the protective sealant around the impacted area. Typically, you’ll want to let an experienced stone care professional apply the sealant, as they’ll make sure it’s applied evenly and provides your stone with the protection it deserves.

Slate Countertops Are Easy to Maintain
Slate countertops are durable and easy to maintain, but they do need a little TLC if you want them to look great at all times. As long as you follow these easy tips, you’ll set yourself up for success as soon as your slate countertops are installed.

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