The Top 4 Ways to Add Stone to Your Landscaping

When it comes to your landscaping, you likely focused on adding tons of plants with colorful flowers and interesting textures. And while those elements will certainly draw the eye, they’re not the only features you need to consider if you’re trying to improve the look and feel of your yard. Incorporating natural stone into your Denver landscaping can elevate the look, boost your curb appeal, and make your yard easier to navigate. But how can you incorporate natural stone into an already-established design? Here are a few great options.

1. Install Natural Stone Garden Beds
Though many homeowners choose to use wood to frame out and build garden beds, you’re not limited to wood alone. In fact, using natural stone like limestone, sandstone, and even stacked granite blocks, can be a great way to create garden beds that won’t shift or break down over time. You can even choose stones that are wider than strictly necessary to create seating around the flowers you plant!

2. Add a Decorative Wall to Your Patio Space
Installing a decorative stone wall to your patio space is a great way to add texture and make the space feel more dynamic without having to redo everything. You’re free to choose any stone that you deem appropriate, but many homeowners find that stacked limestone, sandstone, and slate tiles are ideal. Keep in mind that the best stone for your needs will largely depend on the color and look you’re trying to achieve. 

3. Build a Fire Pit
Few things are better than sitting around a roaring fire save for sitting around a roaring fire while roasting marshmallows and enjoying your backyard. Building a fire pit is a simple way to add stone to your landscape design while also maximizing the use and enjoyment you and your loved ones can get from your patio space. 

Granite, slate, or marble will make the fire pit look beautiful while also being able to stand up to the high temperatures you’ll create every time you light it.

4. Upgrade Your Patio Flooring
If you’re trying to tie natural materials into your home, redoing your concrete slab patio with natural stone is a great way to do it. Just about any natural stone will work well, but you’ll want to consider how the colors and surface texture of each stone will impact the look of your home’s exterior and the usability of the space. 

For example, slate tiles are naturally textured, helping to make them slip-resistant, but they can be dark. Limestone is highly absorbent and lightly textured, reducing slipping hazards, but it’s also light and can stain easily. Think about how you’ll use the space and what you want it to look like before you make your decision.

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If you’re ready to incorporate natural stone into your Denver yard, make sure you’re investing in the best materials you can. At Natural Stone Sales, we have a wide variety of stone options that can work both inside and outside your home to help you achieve the look you’re dreaming of. Contact us today to discuss your upcoming project.
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