Why You Should Replace Bathroom Carpet With Porcelain Tile

For whatever reason, home builders across the country used to think that installing carpet in bathrooms and shower spaces was a great idea. And sure, there are some benefits. You never have to worry about a cold floor shocking your feet in the winter, but there are some major drawbacks, too. Whether you just bought a home that has a carpeted bathroom or are ready to renovate your current space and aren’t sure what type of floor to install, you’ll want to consider porcelain tile. Here’s why you should ditch those old carpets in favor of beautiful tile from your Denver natural stone supplier.

Tile Floors Won’t Mold Easily
One of the major downsides to carpeted bathrooms is that the carpet can trap moisture. Your bathroom gets humid anytime you use it and the carpet fibers and padding underneath can soak up that excess moisture in a matter of minutes. Over time, all that moisture can contribute to major mold and mildew growth in the carpet itself.

By installing a tile floor, you won’t have to worry about mold or mildew growing under your feet even if you can’t see it with the naked eye. The tile and grout will dry off on their own and if any mold or mildew does start to grow, you’ll be able to see the discoloration long before it becomes a major problem.

Stains Will Be a Thing of the Past
Carpet can stain easily and if you use any kind of styling products in your hair or dye your hair at home, the chances that you’ll end up with several stains in your bathroom are very high. You’ll end up needing to clean your carpet at least several times a year to combat the stains. 

With tile floors, you’ll be able to clean up messes before they can soak into the floor with ease. And if the tile or grout does get stained, you can replace the damaged spots rather than having to redo the entire floor.

Strange Smells Won’t Plague Your Space
No matter how clean you keep your carpet, you won’t be able to keep it from absorbing strange smells when it’s exposed to high levels of moisture throughout the day. Those smells can become overpowering over time and leave your bathroom smelling musty at best. 

Tile is non-porous which means it won’t absorb odors, so your bathroom will smell fresh and clean all week long.

Tile Will Last for Decades
Carpet tends to look worn and damaged after just a few years in high-traffic areas. And if you have a large family or a bathroom that your friends, family, and guests all use dozens of times a month, you can bet that the carpet in your bathroom will start to show its age quickly. Tile, on the other hand, will look like new for decades as long as you keep it clean and stay on top of routine maintenance. 

Upgrade Your Bathroom Floor Today
If you’re ready to ditch carpet in your bathroom once and for all, replace it with high-quality tile from Natural Stone Sales. Contact us today to discuss your upcoming bathroom renovation and let our team help you find the perfect flooring material to bring your vision to life. 
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