Should You Choose Large or Small Tiles for Your Shower Enclosure Renovation?

Ready to upgrade your bathroom but aren’t sure where to start? Your shower enclosure will likely be the first feature you’ll want to tackle. Whether you’re choosing to revamp a tub or want to transform a fiberglass shower enclosure into a luxury space, using tile will help you accomplish your renovation without stretching your budget. But you’ll need to decide between small and large tile before you can order materials from your Denver natural stone supplier and get to work. Here are a few things to think about as you plan your project.

Consider the Look You Want
Think about what you want your bathroom to look like. Mosaic tiles make it easy to incorporate bold colors and unique designs that showcase your personality. Though you can create a look that makes the space look upscale and elevated, most homeowners choose this tile to make the space feel more timeless and cozier. Mosaic tiles were popular in earlier architectural styles and can be ideal if you’re trying to make your home’s interior match the time period of the exterior.

Large tiles, on the other hand, are available in many different types of natural stone and can make even small bathrooms feel luxurious when installed correctly. 

Pay Attention to Your Cleaning Habits
Mosaic tiles require a lot more grout to install. Unfortunately, this can also make mosaic tiles harder to clean. More grout means more opportunity for mildew and mold to grow. Though it’s relatively easy to clean off, you’ll still need to put in the effort each week if you want your shower enclosure to look like new.

Large tile tends to use wider bands of grout, but keeping it clean is often easier. All you need is a soft-bristled brush and a bit of elbow grease as soon as you see any mildew taking root. Furthermore, keeping the larger tiles themselves clean may also be easier. You’ll be able to scrub each one more easily and give more care and attention to each tile.

Be Mindful of the Shape of Your Enclosure
Think about the shape of the shower enclosure you’re trying to create. If you’re content with a square or rectangle or plan to install tile only on flat walls, any tile will work well. But if you’re trying to add tile to a curved shower enclosure, mosaic tiles will be a better fit. Since they’re so small, it’s easier to accommodate curves with minimal cutting and disruption to the flow of the space.

The Right Tile Can Elevate Your Home
Keep these things in mind as you start planning your bathroom renovation. As long as you take your time and choose a tile that works for your vision, you’ll be able to refresh the look and feel of your bathroom in no time.

Know what type of tile you want, and make sure you’re investing in the best quality you can find. At Natural Stone Sales, we’re proud to offer high-quality, durable, and beautiful natural stone and porcelain tiles perfect for your upcoming renovation. Contact us today to learn more about our selection.
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