Upgrade Your Fireplace With Natural Stone

Your home’s fireplace can and should be a focal point of the room. But if your fireplace surround is dated or, worse, non-existent, your fireplace may not have the impact you’re looking for. Incorporating natural stone into your fireplace surround is a simple way to elevate the look and feel of your room. But you’ll need to choose the right type of stone if you want it to have an impact. Here are a few fantastic options from your Denver natural stone supplier that you can consider incorporating into your space.

Limestone is one of the most versatile options you have at your disposal. It’s available in large bricks, smooth tiles, or even sculpted fireplace surrounds that make your room look more elegant. Keep in mind that limestone is porous and can stain easily. If your fireplace tends to emit tons of smoke or the fires you build produce a lot of soot that collects on the hearth, you may want to choose a different material. Soot and smoke can create tough-to-remove stains that will make your fireplace look dingy and dirtier than you deserve.

Incorporating marble into your fireplace surround can make any room look and feel more luxurious. Even better, the stone is fairly heat-resistant and less vulnerable to staining when properly sealed. That means soot and smoke will be easy to clean off if they build up on the stone so you can keep your space looking nice at all times.

Marble is also available in a range of colors from classic white to unique shades of green and blue, so you’re sure to find a color that works for your aesthetic.

Granite is by far one of the most versatile stones available. It’s naturally heat resistant, making it ideal for larger fireplaces where the heat builds up. Like marble, granite is available in many different colors, so finding one that complements your interior design will be easy. Keep in mind that granite can be more expensive than other options. Take your time and consider your budget before you commit to installing granite around your fireplace.

Slate has long been used for flooring and even roofing tiles, but did you know that you can easily use it for a fireplace surround? This dark stone is perfect for adding a flair of drama to your space. The stone is easy to clean, hides dirt and grime, and is naturally heat-resistant, so it won’t crack or get damaged even if you light your fireplace every day. Like granite, though, slate can be more expensive than limestone or other materials. You may be able to save money by installing smaller slate tiles rather than large squares. Speak with your Denver natural stone supplier for more information about your options and how much those different types of slate will cost.

Elevate the Look of Your Living Room With a Natural Stone Fireplace Surround
Adding a natural stone fireplace surround is a great way to make your fireplace stand out and may even add value to your home. If you’re ready to breathe new life into your space, contact Natural Stone Sales or stop by our showroom today.

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