Are you leading (effectively) through this crisis?

By Morag Barrett

Morag Barrett and Constance Dierickx talk about her book, "High-Stakes Leadership: Leading Through Crisis with Courage, Judgment, and Fortitude."


Before launching her successful consultancy practice, Constance worked as a broker at Merrill Lynch. There, she observed firsthand the power of emotion and perceptual distortion on major decisions. Her curiosity about the behavior of clients and colleagues led her to study psychology and business and earn a PhD in clinical psychology, focusing on crisis intervention with individuals and organizations. Immediately upon joining a global consulting firm, she was involved in advising boards and senior executives in high-stakes matters such as CEO succession, mergers and acquisitions, crisis and boardroom conflict.

Constance launched her consultancy in 2010 after realizing that traditional consulting firms have allegiance to their own models and mindsets that did not allow for sufficient creativity in addressing client needs. Free from any particular approach and unwedded to methodology, she is now able to focus on client objectives and recommend the most efficacious path to meet them.

Constance has been interviewed for publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Directorship, She has written for a wide number of publications including Boards and Directors, Corporate Board Member, and Chief Executive Magazine.